I’ve Been Pinned!

I’m such a sucker for social media. But if you think about it, we women are social beings, and when you’re stuck at home with not much more than a computer, you have to get your socialization somewhere. I’m not complaining, though. I have made so many friends, some really good friends, from facebook, twitter, and other online communities. People I never would have met because they live so far away. Some of them I’ve known for five, even ten years now. How awesome is that?

My newest way to play/communicate on the net is Pinterest.

Ok,ok, I’m probably one of the last kids on the block to join Pinterest. And my title has probably already been used many times already. And my topic has probably already been blogged ad nauseum. But it’s all new to me so I’m going to add to the chatter.

I joined Pinterest probably about a week ago, and I have to admit it’s a fun new way to waste time. I’ve already found a plethora of useless things to pin…but hey…I like them anyway. Some of the more useful things I’ve found are little easy ways to save money, and recipes galore. This does not bode well for my diet, though. Luckily, I am pretty good about finding recipes that sound great and then either finding another way to make them less calorie dense, or creating my own version that hopefully won’t further expand my waistline.

And like I said, Pinterest is fun!

What I think is the most interesting though is to virtual people watch on there. You get to see what people all over the world like…what’s worth pinning for them. Also when your friends repin your stuff, or you do theirs, it’s almost like a conversation of sorts, an exchange of likes and ideas. Pretty cool!

Have you joined Pinterest yet? What do you like about it?